20 great reason you homeschool

Dua puluh alasan mengapa seseorang memilih homeschooling yang dibuat dalam poster kartun menarik oleh Jim Erskine (kartunnya ada di bawah posting):
1. The only “gang” your kids belong to is your family
2. The teacher-pupil ratio is great
3. You don’t need security guards or metal detectors
4. Your kids enjoy socializing with people of all ages
5. You don’t have to run to catch the school bus
6. You can sleep in on rainy days
7. School prayer is encouraged
8. You don’t have to buy “back-to-school” clothes
9. You don’t have to develop a taste for cafetaria food
10. You can celebrate your birthday with a school holiday
11. Vacations can be called “extended field trips”
12. You get to read more books than you ever realized existed
13. The latest fads usually never make it to your house
14. You don’t have to worry about what your kids learned in school today
15. You don’t have to raise your hand to go to the bathroom
16. You can wear pajamas to class and not be kicked out
17. Chores may be called “home ec projects”
18. There’s always time to bake cookies
19. Learning become contagious
20. Your family is right where they ought to be…home!

homeschool reason cartoon by Jim Erskine

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4 thoughts on “20 great reason you homeschool”

  1. yang no.16 ditambah lagi…gurunya ngajar pake piyama ga bakal dimarah kepala sekolah…hehehe

    minta ijin mo nerusin diposting diblog boleh khan 🙂

  2. Butuh alasan yang kuat dan pribadi yang kuat sebagai orangtua anak-anak homeschool di tengah masyarakat yang masih sangat awam dengan hal ini. Penjelasan panjang sepertinya tidak perlu dilakukan untuk memperkuat dukungan atas keputusan menghomeschoolkan anak-anak. Cuma hasil yang konsisten pasti akan terlihat sebagai output dari proses yang hebat ini…artikel ini ringan tapi berbobot dan memotivasi …..

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