Gaspra Asteroid, Wikipedia

Homeschoolers menang lomba NASA

Gaspra Asteroid, Wikipedia

Thirteen-year-old unschooler, Zoë Bentley, has won the $1,000 second place prize in the NASA No Boundaries National Competition, in competition with high school students. First place winners have received an invitation to tour NASA. However, according to Zoë’s mother, Lisa Cottrell-Bentley, author of the Wright on Time adventure series, “. . . since Zoe’s project was so impressive, they’ve invited her for a personal tour of the Jet Propulsion Lab in California.”

The NASA No Boundaries Project slogan, “Education is very much like space itself. Limitless. No boundaries.” is well-suited to the philosophy and practice of unschooling, and is well-illustrated by Zoë Bentley’s achievements and aspirations.

For more information about Zoë’s project, check out her website, Exogeology ROCKS!, with videos she has made about the “extremely fascinating field” of exogeology, including interviews with real exogeologists.

Aside from her NASA “No Boundaries” win, Zoë has also won a full scholarship to a week-long Astronomy Camp.

(Sumber: The Examiner)

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